Update for EMMETT in Spain


Photo of Judith Johnson in navy EMMETT shirtJudith Johnson, EMMETT Practitioner and Instructor, is bringing this technique to Spain with Practitioner courses now available.
Here she writes about how EMMETT Technique has changed her complementary therapy business and given her opportunities to share this work with people who want to look after their own physical health simply and quickly.
She was invited by Ross Emmett to join the team of Worldwide EMMETT Instructors now sharing this work for self care as well as offering a longer training for those who want to become EMMETT Practitioners.
She takes responsibility for building a team to develop the technique in Spain as well as working with the UK based team of instructors, with special focus on her home country of Wales. Judith has also travelled to support Anneke Loode, who is the main EMMETT Instructor in Portugal.

Judith writes …..

The EMMETT Technique is an unique form of body therapy developed by experienced Australian practitioner, Ross Emmett. This simple method of muscle release works as an effective stand-alone therapy or integrated with all other known bodywork systems to ease pain, restore balance and reduce muscle restriction.

Ross Emmett came to the UK in 2007 to instruct a group of therapists in EMMETT Technique. I was lucky to be in that first British group and I still find myself telling people that this technique is new. When I reflect on why this is still so after 10 years of practise, I firmly believe that it is because the results are sometimes so astonishing that I am constantly surprised and delighted at how clients respond. Every result feels ‘new’ and every treatment session retains the excitement factor that I felt at the start of my own EMMETT journey.

I continue to learn with Ross Emmett when he travels to share his work – there is always something new to learn or a new story about how Emmett Technique has eased the stresses and strains of modern life.

Having learnt other therapy techniques previously, which have a more structured and ‘procedural’ approach to working, studying EMMETT Technique has given me more freedom to be the therapist I want to be. Our logo is a chameleon and the training teaches us to use the technique to suit each client and not try to fit the client into a regime of structured treatment.

There is encouragement to use our EMMETT skills and combine them with the other techniques we may know as complementary therapists or to use EMMETT Technique on it’s own to get great results.


A neuromuscular technique aiming to encourage the body to perform in a balanced way, an EMMETT treatment creates change within minutes by the application of light finger pressure at specific EMMETT points.
Each treatment session is customised to the individual, matching the exact needs of client at that particular time.
Treatment is generally performed through light clothing with the client standing, sitting or lying down, depending on their comfort. No special equipment is needed – only my hands.

This technique also has similar ways to work with animals and there are now courses available for learning to use this complementary therapy for horses and for dogs. I am currently adding to my own skills by completing these courses.

Judith Van de Camp Emmett4Animals Instructor

I am delighted to have two animal EMMETT Instructors joining our team in Spain – Judith Van Bebber, who is from the Netherlands. Yes, another Judith, who will be responsible for canine and equine practitioner courses.

Tony Sherry, Senior UK Instructor, has agreed to teach the short animal courses in Spain – again for both equine and canine courses. He will take time out of his busy schedule to travel to Spain when there are groups of people interested.

We are all excited to make contact with people who are interested in working with humans and animals at a practitioner level or who simply want to do a short course to look after themselves and their families and their own animals


Practitioners using the EMMETT technique develop skills in assessment by sight and touch, applying their work to those areas that most need to be released, to achieve the maximum potential for each person to overcome their discomfort. It is wonderful to see EMMETT being used for animals – they react so quickly to the right level of touch and, of course, animals can’t tell you what is wrong and so the skills of observation are even more necessary.

The typical issues addressed for people include:

Back pain
Neck pain & stiffness
Jaw pain & stiffness
Shoulder problems
Elbow & Wrist problems
Hip and Knee problems
Thigh and Calf problems
Ankle and foot problems
Sports and exercise related injuries
Respiratory & Digestive problems
Bladder issues
Pain experienced during & after pregnancy
Feeding discomfort in babies
Pain & stiffness resulting from long term disability
Fatigue problems
Stress related symptoms

In my practice, the youngest client has been 6 weeks old [with feeding problems] and the eldest has been an elderly lady aged 94 who came regularly to maintain her mobility and level of comfortable movement to retain an enviable level of independence. I regularly treat athletes, golfers, and those who are working in difficult jobs that stress their bodies. Acute injuries and long term chronic disability can all benefit from the EMMETT touch.

For animals:

This gentle and safe muscle release technique can be used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement and restrictions. Symptoms which may be relieved:

Injuries from sport or accidents
Unbalanced gait/stance
Lead/harness strain
Lower back distress
Inhibited movement/muscle restrictions
Poor performance / behaviour changes

The results can be dramatic even for first-time clients. Accurate and fast assessments of imbalances in the body are an integral feature of this technique. An EMMETT treatment improves recovery from workouts helping competition horses and dogs achieve peak performance, along with addressing lameness, muscle restrictions, saddle soreness, uneven gait and lack of performance. EMMETT Technique includes ways to notice the sometimes subtle signs of pain or discomfort that many experienced owners, riders and handlers can fail to identify.

How the EMMETT in Spain team grows:

Our team also includes EMMETT practitioners, husband and wife, Fiona and Paul Davies who introduced me to Spain 6 years ago, and will spread the news and run short courses when they are travelling in Spain.
John Kenny, an EMMETT Practitioner who shares his time between Ireland and Alicante and is available to run short courses. Lucia Ortega an EMMETT Practitioner, originally from the Basque Region of Spain, now living in Wales, travels to translate for other tutors & instructors and can also deliver the short courses in either English or Spanish.

So the start has been made – small groups have complete the short EMMETT for Dogs course and the short EMMETT course for humans. We have had Dutch, Italian, Argentinian, Spanish and English students, including a veterinary surgeon, massage therapists, yoga teachers, plus two enthusiastic dancers and a number of students who were there to learn how to could help themselves with self care and also to help family members. I have taught the first few modules of the human EMMETT Practitioner Course.

Our small team in Spain grows and the worldwide EMMETT family grows too, under the supportive watch of Ross Emmett and his amazing team in Queensland, Australia. Although EMMETT has reached 36 countries it really does feel like one big international family. Ross Emmett is a generous teacher, sharing his technique with those of us who want to learn to help others.

I am looking forward to expanding our family by working hard with the team in Spain.

If you want to know more about our big Spanish adventure you can find us on our website www.emmett-spain.com and its’ Spanish website which can be reached through www.emmett-espana.com

We are also on Social Media so we welcome contact that way too!

The website has details of human and animal courses, but if you want to contact me direct please e-mail me with any questions at info@emmett-spain.com or through the website. I will send on your queries to those in our team that may best answer you.

For more information about Ross Emmett, his remarkable career, his views and qualifications please visit his website: www.rossemmett.com.au