EMMETT Instructors and Tutors in Spain


Judith Johnson

With a background in Health & Social Care as well as in University Education, Judith is an experienced EMMETT Practitioner. She started her training in 2007, when Ross Emmett taught his first courses in the UK.Photo of Judith Johnson in navy EMMETT shirt

Her main clinics are in South Wales, where she treats a wide range of clients, from newborn babies to elderly clients; from semi-professional athletes to enthusiastic amateur sports people and for anyone who experiences pain or discomfort. 

Judith has been a tutor for the Short EMMETT Course for a number of years and was the first Tutor to travel to Spain, teaching in Almeria.

She is delighted to have been invited by Ross Emmett to join the Instructors Team in the UK and very excited to have been asked to take responsibility for co-ordinating future short courses and bringing the first ever EMMETT Practitioner Course to Spain. 

Judith Van Bebber

Judith Van de Camp Emmett4Animals Instructor

Another Judith takes responsibility for bringing the first ever EMMETT4Animals courses to Spain and her main base is in the Netherlands. She is a Tutor for the newly developed Short EMMETT4Animals course and also for the EMMETT4Animals Practitioner course in Equine and Canine specialities. In Spain she will be concentrating on the practitioner courses for animals.

Judith has been an animal lover since she was very young; owning dogs and horses and observing their behaviour and movements. 

One of her dogs, a Jack Russell, got hurt and had a spinal cord injury. She learnt about some techniques to help him heal. And after a few days he could stand again. That was a miracle according to the surgeon. Ever since then, she continued to learn about muscles and anatomy. Then she heard about Emmett Technique and experienced some great results.

Judith was invited by Ross Emmett to become an Instructor for EMMETT for Animals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; now she has added Spain to her responsibilities.

The Two Judith’s – The ‘J’ TeamEMMETT4Animals course April 2015 in Staffordshire with Ross Emmett as guest lecturer

Both Judith’s met in person at the first canine course in the UK in April 2015, having become friends online the previous year. 

They are very much looking forward to working together, with their growing team, to promote the EMMETT Technique in Spain




We  have a number of tutors who will be travelling from the UK and other countries to offer short EMMETT courses in different regions of Spain. Application forms are now available for all scheduled courses and a separate form that will allow you to show your interest in receiving more information.

Photo of Judith Johnson in navy EMMETT shirt

Judith Johnson will be offering the short course at a number of locations in Spain. Mallorca had it’s first course in January 2017 with 8 students taking part. It was also the first Short Course that Judith has run with instantaneous translation provided by Lucía Ortega. Other courses have been held in Alicante, Orgiva, Mallorca and Barcelona.  More courses are being planned soon.



Judith van Bebber offered the first short EMMETT4Animals course – for dogs in the San Sebastian in Basque Region on March 12th, 2016. She will be concentrating on the Practitioner Emmett4animals courses in Spain.



Tony Sherry is the Senior Emmett4Animals Instructor in the UK and Ireland. He will be joining the team in Spain to offer the short courses for dogs and horses. Tony is based in Kent in the UK but travels extensively to teach.



Lucía Ortega has joined the team as our official translator and is now offering the Short EMMETT Course in Spanish and in English. Lucía is based in Wales, UK, but travels frequently to Spain.




John Kenny divides his time between Dublin, Ireland and El Regalo de La Paz in the Hondon Valley, Near Alicante. He offered the Short EMMETT Course in Spain, co-teaching with Judith Johnson. He is also running his own courses at El Regalo de la Paz.


Fiona and Paul Davies

Fiona and Paul Davies are currently resident in the UK, but travel extensively and will be offering talks, demonstrations and the Short EMMETT courses in Spain



Dates will be announced on the short EMMETT course page as soon as they are available.


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