The EMMETT Practitioner Course Outline

EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course Outline
Module 1
Overview and Aim of Workshop
About Ross Emmett
EMMETT Principles
The Chameleon Club – the 7 As (subconscious triggers for healing)
QL / 12th rib (body rotation)
Piriformis / TFL (piriformis and gluts)
Iliacus / Oblique (pelvic and hip)
Psoas / 12th rib (psoas & hamstrings)
Psoas Knee Up (psoas & lower back)
Gastrocs (calf problems & balance) 
Module 2
Review of Module 1
Trapezius (shoulders & neck)
Levator Scapulae 45 (shoulders & neck)
Rhomboid 45 (neck)
Rhomboid 90 (shoulders)
Rhomboid 30 (arm and fingers)
SCM (neck)
AC / Biceps (shoulders)
Module 3
Review of Modules 1 & 2
Inguinal Psoas (psoas & lower back)
Teres Minor (shoulder)
Sacrum (sacrum)
Forearm (grip, elbow and shoulder)
ITB Release (leg, hip and knee)
ITB / Sartorius (knee)
Foot Balance (balance)
Rescue (whole body balance)
Module 4
Review of Module 3
Abdominal Release
Pec Minor Release (shoulder)
Scapula Border (rhomboids)
Scapular Mid and Lower (scapulae)
Latisimus Dorsi (back and shoulder)
Biceps – 2 Heads (biceps and shoulder)
Triceps (triceps)
Hamstrings (hamstrings & lower back)
Lower Leg Release (soleus & achiles tendon)
Knee Pain Release (knee)
Module 5
Review of Module 4
Jaw (jaw, eyes, ears)
Chest 45 (rotator cuff / shoulder)
Scalenus / Pec Minor (shoulder & neck)
Sinus / Chest Procedure (sinus congestion)
Ankle Release (ankle & foot)
Quads (quads & knee)
Sacral / TFL (gluts)

Module 6
Review of Module 5
Rhom 45 / Inguinal Psoas (abdominal fascia)
Foot Pain (foot & ankle)
Neck (eyes, tmj, neck, shoulders & arms)
Bicep Belly (bicep cramp)
Sacral Notch (deep-seated pain around pelvis)
Lymphatics (lymphatic drainage procedure)

Review of Module 6

Review of Module 6 as the final stage to becoming a Full Practitioner