EMMETT Technique training is available at two levels.

The Short EMMETT Course, also called Easy Muscle Management or EMM-Tech, is suitable for everyone who wants to learn techniques to help family, friends and their community. It is not a professional qualification, but may be a stepping stone to the practitioner level course.

The EMMETT Practitioner Course is an 11 day course which prepares students to become therapists. It is a modular course, with 5 two day modules plus a final review day. Around 8 weeks is left between modules to allow for students to practise what has been learnt

There are two levels of training available for EMMETT 4 Animals for each of the equine and canine disciplines

The Short EMMETT 4 Animals Course

The EMMETT4Animals Practitioner Course – dogs

The EMMETT4Animals Practitioner Course – horses


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