EMMETT Technique Practitioner Training

EMMETT Technique Practitioner Training
EMMETT Technique Practitioner training is designed for qualified medical professionals and complementary therapists interested in extending their skills. All practitioners are encouraged to enhance their existing practice by integrating the EMMETT Technique with their prior training. 

EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course Structure
The course is divided into two-day learning blocks, called Modules, with 6 Modules in total. Material covered in the previous Module is reviewed before new work is covered. This ensures that all participants are up to date and ready to learn new material. Modules 1 & 2 are one day each in duration and always taught as a two-day block. The total course therefore consists of 11 days.

Module 1 & 2 – first day Module 1, second day Module 2

Module 3 – first day review of Modules 1 & 2, second day new Module 3 work

Module 4 – first day review of Module 3, second day new Module 4 work

Module 5 – first day review of Modules 4, second day new Module 5 work

Module 6 – first day review of Module 5, second day new Module 6 work

Module 6 Review – one day

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Modules are generally offered around 8 weeks apart to allow participants to gain real experience with the technique. Therefore, it is usually possible to complete the full course within 12 -18 months. 

The main complementary therapy insurance companies will cover EMMETT Technique practitioners and students within their existing insurance policies. Please refer to your insurance company for confirmation.

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