EMMETT 4 Dogs Practitioner Training

EMMETT 4 Dogs Course Information

IMG_1469EMMETT Technique Practitioner training is primarily designed for complementary canine therapists however anyone interested in extending their skills be it for helping achieve peak performance, increased agility or improving show dogs movement and grace can join us.

Now you have the opportunity to learn how to assess your dog to find the cause of the restriction and even more importantly…how to easily release that restriction…

The EIMG_1466MMETT Technique training is designed for ALL canine enthusiasts – so everyone is welcome to join us.  The course is taught in such a way that it’s easy to undertand and learn by all people from all walks of life.

All practitioners are encouraged to enhance their existing practice by integrating the EMMETT Technique with their prior training.  Dog owners and non therapists may also attend as we believe that everyone regardless of academic skills should be able to learn how to notice the sometimes IMG_1468subtle signs of pain or discomfort that many experienced owners fail to spot. Show dogs need to move gracefully – agility dogs need freedom of movement to create peak performance – how good would it be if we taught you how to assess your dog to find the cause of any restriction and even more important how to easily release that
restriction yourself.

Practitioner Course Structure

The course is divided into two-day learning blocks, called Levels, with 4 Levels in total.  Material covered in the previous level is reviewed before new work is covered. This structure ensures that all participants are up to date and ready to learn new material.

  • Level 1 – (2 days) 
  • Level 2 – (2 days) 
  • Level 3 – (2 days) 
  • Level 4 – (2 days) 

Length of Course

Modules are generally offered 8 weeks apart to allow participants to gain real experience with the technique. Therefore, it is usually possible to complete the full course within six to eight months.

Cost of Course

€330 per level with €165 for the review day

Course Application

Please complete the following form and you will receive details of how to secure your place on your selected course.

EMMETT for Animals Course Application

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